OCTOBER 7 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET    

  Moody Nashawaty  


The Holidays Are Not Cancelled, Part 2

The Lifecycle Marketing Staples: 
Understanding Email, SMS and CRO

Want to see a +126% lift in incremental Email revenue and a +26% lift in overall revenue? 

Join us for the next session of our three-part webinar series on October 7th, ‘The Lifecycle Marketing Staples: Understanding Email, SMS and CRO.’ 

In Part 2, you’ll hear from the Head of Lifecycle Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer at MuteSix, as well as the experts at Klaviyo, Justuno, and Yotpo Loyalty, to learn more about how to acquire more customers and optimize your existing list for increased sales ahead of Q4. 

Here’s what else we’ll be discussing: 

  • An insiders’ guide to retention marketing and best practices 

  • Effective timing and creative strategies for Email and SMS

  • How to create an exciting loyalty program that keeps customers engaged and spending 

  • Preparatory steps to take now 

If you missed Part 1 with Facebook, Google, and Shopify Plus, make sure to check out the recording here

Stay tuned for Part 3 on October 29th - ‘Show Me the Revenue: Tips and Tricks to Boost Profits’ with Klarna, and Recharge, as well as Influencer Marketing, TikTok, Programmatic, and Amazon at MuteSix.

  Matt Serwin  

  Mat Bingham  

 Katie McKeever 

  Chanel DeVetter